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The UAE Federal Feedback Gateway

Emirates Energy Award


Fixing will be published by 11.00 am on each UAE business day.


For each maturity, the rates are sorted in ascending order.

The TWO highest and the TWO lowest rates ( in total, four rates) will be discarded and remainder will be averaged, using the arithmetic mean of values.

The resulting rates will be rounded to 5 decimal places.

If a bank does not input its suggested rates on a given day, then the rates provided by it on the previous business day will be used for fixing purposes. This will be done only when the quorum ( as defined below) is met. A record of each bank's input history will be maintained by the system and this record will be reviewed at ESC's review meetings

Fixing and its publication:

The Fixing will be calculated from the data provided by the contributing banks and published by 11:00 am each day. The CBUAE will publish the data on its website ( and will also transmit to Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg for further publication to broader market participants.

Trading Days:

For the purposes of this Fixing, trading days (or "value days") are every day except Friday and UAE banking holidays. In case of a trading day being declared a banking holiday then the trading day (value day) is automatically rolled over to the next business day for banks.

Business days and weekends:

Business days are any days other than Friday on which banks are open for usual business in the United Arab Emirates.

Insufficient quorum of Contributing Banks:

If less than 8 Contributing Banks provide contributions by 10.30 am then the CBUAE will publish the Fixing published on the last UAE business day.


Last Updated on 12, July 2018