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Geographical Usage

All banks in Europe (except for the Commonwealth of Independent States) provide an IBAN identifier for their accounts as well as nationally recognized identifiers - this being mandatory within the European Economic Area. In addition, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Turkey also provide IBAN format account identifiers.

Some banks outside Europe may not recognize IBAN, though as time passes this is expected to diminish. Non-European banks typically accept IBAN's as bank account numbers for accounts in Europe, although they might not treat IBAN's differently to the way they treat other foreign bank account numbers. In particular, they might choose not to check that the IBAN is valid prior to sending the payment.

In the absence of an IBAN it remains necessary to use the current ISO 9362 Bank Identifier Code system (BIC or SWIFT code) in conjunction with the BBAN.


Last Updated on 12, July 2018