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Easy Browsing
Meticulous standards were adopted in the Central Bank’s website to avoid complicated browsing tools, misnamed links, tight clicking spaces, poor color contrasts, which together render browsing complicated for special needs users. Best practices were applied to assist this category of users to access information through the following:

  • Changing Colors: The user may easily adjust the text’s background colors from the viewing options if he finds it difficult to read the text under some color combinations, such as white text on black background.
  • Changing Screen Size: In case of difficulty in reading texts or viewing photos, the enlarge page option may be used by selecting “View” menu, and then click on “enlarge” and adjust page size as needed.
  • Changing Text Size: In case of s=difficulty in reading the text on the computer screen, a user may increase or decrease the font by clicking (A+) or (A-) icons on top of the page.
  • Text alternative to images: Each image in the website includes a written description which may be read by placing the mouse on the photo.
  • Site Map: The Central Bank adopts the (W3C) standards in designing the website and determining its form and general impression in order to make browsing easier and provide smooth and simple access to information and tables.


Last Updated on 12, July 2018