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Exchange Rates against UAE Dirham for VAT related obligations
Updated on: 15 Jun 2018 06:01 PM

The listed foreign currency rates against AED (Arab Emirates Dirham) are published by the Central Bank of UAE only for the calculation of the VAT obligation of UAE business entities to the UAE Federal Tax Authority as per the requirement of Union Law No. 8 on Value Added Tax. The rates are provided by Thomson Reuters and converted into AED by the Central Bank of UAE. These rates are updated Monday to Friday and are based on FX rates prevailing at 6pm UAE time each day. In instances where specific markets are closed due to local holiday, then the relevant rate will be the prevailing rate of the previous day at 6pm. All rates used are the mid rates of the concerned currency pairs.

Neither The Central Bank of UAE or Thomson Reuters, nor any person or persons acting on their behalf, may be held responsible with respect to any direct (or indirect) loss that may arise from the use of, or reliance on, the published rates.

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Currency Rate
US Dollar3.672500
Argentine Peso0.133886
Australian Dollar2.737403
Bangladesh Taka0.043462
Bahrani Dinar9.718694
Brunei Dollar2.735364
Brazilian Real0.968818
Botswana Pula37.821833
Belarus Rouble1.836709
Canadian Dollar2.788958
Swiss Franc3.681335
Chilean Peso0.005752
Chinese Yuan - Offshore0.570406
Chinese Yuan0.570769
Colombian Peso0.001272
Czech Koruna0.165562
Danish Krone0.571809
Algerian Dinar0.031316
Egypt Pound0.205742
GB Pound4.870044
Hongkong Dollar0.467882
Hungarian Forint0.013199
Indonesia Rupiah0.000264
Indian Rupee0.053960
Iceland Krona0.034046
Jordan Dinar5.170351
Japanese Yen0.033196
Kenya Shilling0.036307
Korean Won0.003333
Kuwaiti Dinar12.134078
Kazakhstan Tenge0.010906
Lebanon Pound0.002427
Sri Lanka Rupee0.023003
Moroccan Dirham0.385011
Macedonia Denar0.070544
Mexican Peso0.175998
Malaysia Ringgit0.921465
Nigerian Naira0.011649
Norwegian Krone0.450613
NewZ Dollar2.548754
Omani Rial9.538961
Peru Sol1.119460
Philippine Piso0.068725
Pakistan Rupee0.030650
Polish Zloty0.994126
Qatari Riyal1.008651
Serbian Dinar0.036072
Russia Rouble0.058298
Saudi Riyal0.979281
Swedish Krona0.416426
Singapore Dollar2.719967
Thai Baht0.112826
Tunisian Dinar1.378670
Turkish Lira0.774462
Trin Tob Dollar0.544881
Taiwan Dollar0.122051
Tanzania Shilling0.001614
Uganda Shilling0.000956
Vietnam Dong0.000161
South Africa Rand0.272513
Zambian Kwacha0.368170


Last Updated on 14, June 2018