Know Your Rights

At the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE), the Consumer Protection Department is responsible for ensuring consumer satisfaction with the organisations and services under the CBUAE’s supervision.

We have created a platform to receive consumers’ comments and complaints about these licensed financial institutions (LFI).

Initially, consumers should seek to settle any complaint directly with the concerned LFI.

If the matter is not resolved within 30 days, or if the consumer is not satisfied with the proposed resolution, they can ask for the CBUAE’s help, using one of the following consumer channels:

  • Our website
  • Through our Consumer Happiness Centre (Central Bank headquarters in Abu Dhabi, Sunday to Thursday - from 9AM to 2PM); or
  • Through our Call Centre (for People of Determination and/or Seniors only) - 800 – CBUAE (22823), 9AM to 2PM.

You will need to enter relevant information about your complaint to help our team to make progress with your case. After registering a complaint on our platform successfully, the dedicated Consumer Protection Team will resolve the complaint with the relevant LFI within a specified time, in compliance with the CBUAE’s regulations and standards.

The following videos outline how we handle LFI-related complaints, so that consumers will understand:

  • the information that they must provide to allow our Consumer Protection Team to resolve their complaint; and
  • what steps the Team will take, and the timeframe involved.



To recap - if you have a complaint against a licensed financial institution (LFI):

- Please try to resolve it directly with the LFI as a first step.
- If the LFI didn’t attend your complaint within 30 days or you are not satisfied with the proposed resolution, you may contact the CBUAE’s Consumer Protection team via the following means:

  1. Our website – using this;
  2. Through our Consumer Happiness Centre, located at Central Bank headquarters in Abu Dhabi; or
  3. Through our Call Centre (for People of Determination and/or Seniors only) – telephone number 800 – CBUAE (22823).

Please contact us if you have any questions about this process. We are here to make our customers happy!