Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Department works to protect consumers from financial misconduct through education, policy-making, and compliance monitoring and tracking of complaints resolution.

As a customer of a financial institution, there may be times when you have questions about the
company’s products and services. Financial institutions are expected to provide information that
is clear and understandable and to respond to any customer inquiries in a timely manner. The
institution’s website may also provide useful information

When a customer has an issue, the first step is for the customer to try and resolve the mater
with the institution’s branch staff or contact centre.

If a resolution is not possible, the second step is to file a formal complaint with the bank’s
complaint unit. It is the bank’s responsibility to try and resolve their customers’ complaints within
a reasonable time period.

If the matter is still unresolved and there is a dispute regarding an obligation under a bank
agreement, the customer will need to seek legal advice. Also, if necessary, the customer can file
the dispute with the courts for resolution.

A complaint may be registered with the Consumer Protection Department at CBUAE when the
matter has been dealt with by the bank, but remains unresolved. CBUAE will then determine if
there has been a breach of the law and deal with any breach that has been identified.